Trump Expected To Attack Christine Ford As GOP Gets Nervous About Kavanaugh Confirmation

Trump is expected to attack the woman who is accusing his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault as Republicans in the Senate are showing signs of nervousness about the nomination.

Politico reported that Trump is expected to attack Christine Ford, “Three of those people also said they expect the president to go after Kavanaugh‘s accuser rather than to turn on the judge. They noted that Trump has done so before, not just denouncing his own accusers but also attacking those of others, notably, failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.”

Meanwhile, Republican Senate Judiciary Committee members Susan Collins (R-ME) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) gave answers that should make Republicans nervous when they were asked about Kavanaugh:

Trump Is Going To Do The Worst Thing Possible To Defend Kavanaugh

Attacking sexual assault accusers is Trump’s go-to move. He did it when dozens of women accused him of sexual harassment and sexual assault during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump attacked the accusers who came out and told their stories about Roy Moore during the US Senate special election in Alabama.

The lower than low president is going to try to discredit Brett Kavanaugh‘s accuser because he has no problem with violence against women. An ugly attack is coming soon from Trump because Republicans are teetering close to losing the Kavanaugh nomination. While the odds still favor the valueless and morally bankrupt Republican Party of Trump will confirm Kavanaugh, the party is within one vote of watching the Kavanaugh nomination collapse.

The worst thing that Trump could do would be to attack Christine Ford, which is what that is exactly what those who know Trump best expect him to do. Trump‘s terrible judgment could destroy his own Supreme Court nominee.

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