GOP Terrified As Their All-Male Senate Panel Prepares To Question Kavanaugh’s Accuser

The news that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Ford, will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Monday likely has the Republicans terrified, according to MSNBC‘s Kasie Hunt.

Not only are the allegations against Kavanaugh disturbing and credible, but the fact that an all-male gang of Republicans will be seen as defenders of a man who allegedly raped a woman is “not a good look” for the party more broadly.


As the MSNBC reporter pointed out on Monday, the optics – at least on the GOP side of the Senate Judiciary committee –  will be awful next week, as if they weren’t already bad enough.

In addition to Kavanaugh‘s nomination being in jeopardy, the troubling revelations will do nothing to stop women voters – particularly college-educated, suburban women – from abandoning the party.




“The optics are difficult for Republicans because they’re gonna have a panel of all men sitting on the other side,” Hunt explained. “There is a very real risk in this new culture that we’re living in, in the “Me Too” world, where, frankly, women voters, women candidates are so engaged.”


Once again, Republicans are siding with an alleged abuser

It’s not surprising that the party being led by a sexual predator would side with yet another accused womanizer, but it’s still no less troubling.

The good news is that women voters, in particular, are paying attention. Not only are they running for office in record numbers this year, but they are increasingly abandoning Trump and the party that has enabled him for the past two years.

The new developments surrounding Brett Kavanaugh‘s confirmation process are emboldening the Democratic base – especially women – as we march closer to the midterm elections, and it could give the blue wave even more fuel.

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