Gov. Scott Walker Could Be Going Down As Democrat Tony Evers Leads By 5 In Wisconsin

A new Marquette University Law School Poll released on Tuesday found that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers leads Gov. Scott Walker by 5 points in Wisconsin.

The numbers:

Walker leads with Republicans and men who didn’t graduate college. Evers leads with everyone else, including Independents.

Two numbers suggest why Scott Walker is in trouble in Wisconsin

Walker’s job approval rating has gone underwater in a month:

Wisconsin voters increasingly think that the state is on the wrong track:

Walker has been freaking out and warning of a blue wave in Wisconsin for months.

Democrats have been trying to get Walker and his damaging policies out of the state for years, but it looks like the blue wave, along with Walker fatigue among the state’s voters have combined to create an environment where the governor is ripe to be taken down. Wisconsin voters are blaming him for a teacher shortage, rising health care costs, and declining infrastructure.

Voters in Wisconsin want change, and Trump‘s 2016 win there is looking more and more like a fluke with each passing month. There isn’t enough Republican and dark money to save every endangered incumbent, and one of the biggest losers to get swept out by the blue wave may be Scott Walker.

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