MSNBC Just Played A Damning Clip That Made Brett Kavanaugh’s Problems Even Worse

Video from 2015 shows Brett Kavanaugh saying that what happened during his time in prep school where he is accused of sexually assaulting Christine Ford stays at Georgetown Prep.


Kavanaugh said during a 2015 speech at the Columbia School of Law, “What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep. That’s been a good thing for all of us.

The clip does not look good in light of the sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh. To their credit, MSNBC followed up the video by interviewing one of Kavanaugh‘s former law clerks who served as a character witness during his confirmation hearing, so the video was not shown as part of some partisan hit job, which makes the clip itself more troubling.

Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination is spiraling down. The nominee’s own words on that clip are troubling, and the longer this story goes, the more likely it is that more information is going to surface about Kavanaugh.

Republicans were trying to rush Brett Kavanaugh through the Senate to avoid the exact situation that they currently find themselves in. If there is more video or information out there, it is likely to surface in the coming days, and one gets that sense that one more bombshell revelation is all it will take to sink Kavanaugh nomination.

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