Trump Goes Off On Incoherent Rant And Destroys The GOP Kavanaugh Cover-Up


While speaking at the White House, Trump trashed the GOP efforts to cover for Kavanaugh by saying that there is plenty of time and everyone should be allowed to speak up and speak out.



Trump said:

With all of that being said, its a process. We all feel, Speaking for all of the Republicans, we feel we want to go through this process and we want to give everybody a chance to say what they have to say. So we have time available, we will delay the process till its finished out, I guess we’ve invited everybody…I can tell you this Judge Kavanaugh is anxious to do it…I don’t know about the other party, but Judge Kavanaugh is very anxious to do it.

A delay is certainly acceptable but we want to get to the bottom of everything. We want everybody to speak up and speak out, the fact is this should have been done a long time ago..and the fact is when Senator Feinstein had Judge Kavanaugh in her office for a long time she never even mentioned this, it was a long time ago…We want to hear both sides.

Republicans Have Been Trying To Keep Trump Out Of This Because They Know He’ll Screw It Up

Senate Republicans have been trying to keep Trump far away from the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation because they know that the odds are high that if Trump gets involved chaos and failure will follow. The Republican message has been that they just need to hear from Ford and Kavanaugh, so Trump went on national television and agreed with the Democrats that everyone should be allowed to speak.

Trump seems to have no idea what is going on. The president is completely out of step with what his own party is trying to do. Trump just handed Democrats all of the political ammo that they need to demand that other witnesses be allowed to testify at Monday’s hearing.

Trump opened his mouth and shot Republicans in the foot.

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