Trump Is Mentally Crumbling Because He Knows That Impeachment Is Coming

According to reports from inside the White House, even Donald Trump knows that impeachment is coming soon.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported:

But the threat of losing the House and Senate seems to have helped convince Trump not to go scorched-earth on Ford. If Trump antagonizes women voters, it could increase the odds Republicans would lose both houses in Congress. “Trump knows the Senate is not looking good,” an outside adviser said. “It’s all about the impeachment, he knows it’s coming.”


Even before the Kavanaugh crisis, Trump has been worried about Republicans’ declining fortunes, and he’s been finding ways to shift the blame. Trump told a friend in the Oval Office last week that it would be Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan’s fault if Republicans lost the House and the Senate, according to a person familiar with the conversation. “This is the election about Ryan and McConnell—it’s about those guys,” Trump said. Trump referred to his 2020 campaign as “the real election.”

Trump Understands That Impeachment Is Coming

Only a truly broken mind could believe that the midterm election has nothing to do with him, but he is going to get impeached, but that doesn’t matter because the “real” election is in 2020.

Trump doesn’t understand that midterm elections are all about the president and that just because he is not on the ballot doesn’t mean that the election is not about him. The midterm election is all about Donald Trump. It is a referendum on the Trump presidency. It is insane that Trump thinks that he can blame Ryan and McConnell for what is about to happen in less than months while believing that he will be fine in 2020, even if he is impeached.

Impeachment is coming for Donald Trump. The game has always been for Trump to hang on to power and corruptly squeeze as much cash out of the presidency and the taxpayers before he is run out of office.

A real election is happening in November and the road after Election Day likely leads straight to the impeachment of this president.

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