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Trump Can’t Hide As Protesters Spell AMORAL Outside the White House

#KremlinAnnex protesters place a sign referring to Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of a 1982 sexual assault, and spell out the word “AMORAL” on the 66th consecutive day of their demonstration out#KremlinAnnex protesters place a sign referring to Christine Blasey Ford outside the White House in Washington


Republicans Are Running Out Of Excuses As Former Schoolmate Recalls Alleged Kavanagh Sexual Assault

Well, this is awkward for Republicans, who are barrelling ahead with their plan to confirm a possible rapist to the highest court in the land no matter what. MSNBC is reporting that a former schoolmate of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford recalls the alleged Kavanaugh assault being discussed at their school. She has no first hand…


Say Her Name: The Republican History of Dehumanizing Women with ‘The Accuser’

Wondering why the President and Republicans keep referring to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as “the accuser” as if she has no name? Republicans have a history of painting women as “accuser” instead of “victim.” They’ve even tried to make this law. Republican state Rep Bobby Franklin of Georgia wrote a bill in 2011 to change…


Danske Bank CEO quits over $234 billion money laundering scandal

By Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen and Teis Jensen COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Danske Bank’s <DANSKE.CO> chief executive Thomas Borgen resigned on Wednesday after an investigation revealed payments totaling 200 billion euros ($234 billion) through its small Estonian branch, many of which the bank said were suspicious. The Danish bank detailed compliance and control failings amid growing calls for…

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