GOP Reeling As Key Red State Senator Plans To Vote ‘No’ On Kavanaugh

The political winds continued to shift against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday as a key red state Democrat announced plans to vote no on Donald Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee.

As PoliticusUSA reported a short time ago, Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill explained her position in a statement on social media, focusing on his legal positions and not the current controversy over Kavanaugh‘s past.

McCaskill said Kavanaugh‘s “positions on several key issues, most importantly the avalanche of dark, anonymous money that is crushing our democracy” are troubling to her.

The full statement via Sen. McCaskill’s Twitter account:

This is a bad sign for Republicans

For months, political pundits have claimed that Democrats in red states would face a difficult choice when it comes to their vote on Kavanaugh‘s SCOTUS nomination.

But Sen. McCaskill’s announcement on Wednesday shows that perhaps it won’t be so difficult after all. In fact, it’s increasingly looking like a more difficult vote for Republican candidates across the country.

For Democrats, it’s quickly becoming an easy choice to come out against a man who faces credible allegations that he tried to rape a girl in high school.

For Republicans, they must decide whether Kavanaugh is the kind of man they want to defend, particularly with less than two months before the midterm elections – especially when more information is likely to come out.

With Democrats in deep red states jumping ship on Kavanaugh, it’s clear where the political winds are headed. If the GOP wants to minimize the blue wave that’s about to sweep across the country, they would be smart to abandon Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination and delay any motion to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat until after the November elections.

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