Accused Pedophile Roy Moore Crawls Out Of The Woodwork To Defend Alleged Rapist Brett Kavanaugh


Just when things couldn’t get any worse for Donald Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, disgraced Senate candidate Roy Moore rose to the occasion to throw a little fuel on the dumpster fire.

In a new interview with right-wing One America News Network, Moore – himself an accused child molester – leaped to defend Kavanaugh, whose SCOTUS nomination is crumbling after Christine Ford came forward to share her story of how he attempted to rape her in high school.

Moore, using the same strategy he did during his failed Senate campaign, blasted Democrats for exposing Kavanaugh during his confirmation process.


“It’s so obvious that these tactics are used just days before a very important event like this, a Senate confirmation,” the alleged pedophile said.  “And I think Republicans need to take a stand.”

The full interview, if you can stomach it:

Moore also took it as an opportunity to whine about his 2017 Senate candidacy, which came crashing down last December when Democrat Doug Jones beat him in deep-red Alabama.

“I think it’s reflective of what’s really happening that these allegations come in the midst of a Senate confirmation for the United States Supreme Court, just as they did in my case,” Moore complained.

He added: “They don’t care about transparency, they just use it because it’s effective. They know that on the one hand, you offend women if you believe somebody who says they weren’t guilty of sexual misconduct. On the other hand, if you don’t believe them, then you’re condemning the person accused of guilt, to prove his own innocence, so it’s a catch-22.”

Is it any surprise that Republicans are losing women voters?

As we watch this spectacle unfold before our eyes, is it any surprise why the Republican Party of 2018 is losing women so badly?

Not only do they give political oxygen to people like Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and Roy Moore – all men who have credible sexual assault claims against them – but when they are exposed, other men in the party either refuse to believe the female accusers or they give a shoulder shrug.

In the case of Christine Ford, Republicans are now trying to pressure her to participate in a sham testimony before the Senate without even investigating her claims. In other words, they want to pretend to care about her serious and credible allegations by holding a hasty hearing, but then they’ll return to fast-tracking Kavanaugh‘s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Hearing Roy Moore‘s hot take on this issue – one he lacks any credibility on, by the way – will only make things worse and remind women, again, that the Trump-era GOP is not a party that stands with them.

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