Republicans Are Running Out Of Excuses As Former Schoolmate Recalls Alleged Kavanagh Sexual Assault

Well, this is awkward for Republicans, who are barrelling ahead with their plan to confirm a possible rapist to the highest court in the land no matter what.

MSNBC is reporting that a former schoolmate of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford recalls the alleged Kavanaugh assault being discussed at their school. She has no first hand knowledge to corroborate the claims, but what this recollection does is shoot to kill the Republican claim that Ford manufactured this assault for political reasons.

Republicans have treated Dr. Ford with sneering contempt, accusing her of manufacturing the accusation when only 2-10% of rape accusations are actually false and she didn’t even want to come forward. Then, shoved into a corner wearing frat boy rapist hats, they realized they had to hold a “hearing” to look fair, so they scheduled it for Monday with no advance notice to the alleged victim and refused to allow her to call any witnesses.

That’s odd for a “hearing,” eh?

But then “hearings” are usually held AFTER investigations, because facts matter. But Republicans aren’t asking the FBI to reopen the investigation into Dr. Ford‘s claims — a fact that they can’t explain to anyone.

It makes no sense that they are not confident enough in their guy to give the highest court in the land two weeks before confirming him. What are they so afraid of?

Now that a schoolmate has confirmed that these are not new allegations manufactured for political reasons, Republicans look even worse if that were even possible at this point.

Republicans are trying to force Ford to sit at the same table as Kavanaugh, while this Senate Judiciary panel full of hostile men who do not care if she was raped grill her in an attempt to make her feel worse than she already does.

There is more likely a “there, there” now with this new information – but then, we already knew that when she passed the FBI agent administered lie detector test, whereas Kavanaugh himself has been caught misrepresenting the facts twice under oath.

Kavanaugh is historically opposed by the public, as well.

Republicans have no more excuses for their rush to the altar with this guy. The American public deserves to know just why they don’t even care if he’s a rapist or not.

Image: MSNBC Twitter

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