Trump Just Realized That Water Moves

Trump had another one of his “moments,” when announced that the flood water in North Carolina will be moving to South Carolina.


Trump said while visiting South Carolina, “We just left North Carolina. They got hit really, really hard, and they are working. And all of that water is coming your way. A lot of people don’t know that. They assume, and you look outside and you see this beautiful weather, but over the next couple of days, it’s going to get rough in South Carolina.”

It is like America is being run by the world’s dumbest 3rd grader

When Trump says a lot of people don’t know that, what he means is that he didn’t know that. Trump‘s astonishment that the weather is nice in South Carolina but flood waters are coming begs the question, where does Trump think the flood waters go? North and South Carolina are neighboring states. They share waterways, so it is not a mystery of the universe that floodwater that is in North Carolina is going to cause flooding in South Carolina.

This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone, especially not the President Of The United States.

There have been plenty of presidents who weren’t geniuses, but there has never been a president quite as ignorant about the world that he lives in as Trump is.

Remember, Trump‘s lesson of the day. Water moves, so if it is flooding in North Carolina, it will flood in South Carolina too.

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