Democrats Vow To Investigate Brett Kavanaugh If They Win The Senate


Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) said to mark his words. If Democrats win the Senate, they will investigate this allegation against Brett Kavanaugh.


Sen. Whitehouse was asked how he will evaluate the testimony without an investigation, and he answered, “There is no such thing as a fair credibility check without having done the investigation. And sooner or later, mark my words, there will be an investigation into this. It may be in a subsequent Congress, but you can’t get away with having something like this take place, and then have a federal judge perhaps, lie about it, and then fail at the most basic task of investigation.”


Todd followed up by asking if this meant that a Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee would investigate Kavanaugh. Sen. Whitehouse said, “I can’t speak for a whole committee, but I don’t there are many people on the Democratic side who want to let this rest in this circumstance.”

Brett Kavanaugh Could Be Heading For Impeachment

It doesn’t matter if Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court or not, if Democrats take back the Senate, there could be a full investigation coming. Kavanaugh is a sitting federal judge. If he committed a sexual assault, Democrats from the House and Senate would act to remove him from the federal bench.

Republicans need to take this warning seriously because they are kicking a hornets’ nest and are about to get stung. Democrats aren’t going to forget or move on. If Republicans ram Brett Kavanaugh through the Senate, and Democrats take back control in 2018, Brett Kavanaugh may be headed for the same fate as the man who nominated him.

It is possible that the American people could soon see both Trump and his Supreme Court nominee tried and impeached.

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