Fearing Impeachment Trump Chickens Out On Declassifying Russia Investigation Docs

The threat of being impeached stopped Trump dead in his tracks after he planned to declassify several important documents related to the Russia investigation.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s Cave Was Really About Impeachment

Trump once again made an impulsive seat of the pants decision that he had to walk back later because he is afraid of impeachment. It has been recently reported that Trump knows that impeachment is coming. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and others warned Trump that declassifying the documents would be viewed as a presidential abuse of power.

There isn’t a strategy for this behavior. Trump is not a rational thinker. The president is acting impulsively, shooting himself in the feet, and then rushing to undo the damage.

It might be comforting to some to believe that Trump‘s behavior is part of some master distraction strategy, but no such strategy exists. Trump is obsessed with the Russia investigation, and can’t control himself.

The only reason that Trump chickened out is that he is terrified of being impeached.

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