Why Brett Kavanaugh Is the Most Disgusting Supreme Court Pick Ever

Every day the news about Brett Kavanaugh keeps getting worse. As we learn more about his past we are learning that the guy is basically a disgusting creep. Especially when it comes to how he views women.

As if the attempted rape wasn’t enough, we have now learned even more disturbingly bad things about the right-wing judge who Donald Trump can’t wait to get on the Supreme Court.

For example:

  • This week we learned that three years ago Kavanaugh said “What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep” during a speech to law students.
  • The Yale Daily News reported that while Brett Kavanaugh was a student there, he belonged to a club called “Truth and Courage” which was informally known by the offensive name “Tit and Clit.”
  • Kavanaugh also belonged to a fraternity which (years after he graduated) was eventually banned by Yale after its members chanted “No means yes, yes means anal” in front of the University Women’s Center.
  • According to several news outlets, a Yale law professor often told female students that if they wanted to get a clerkship with Judge Kavanaugh, they had to do themselves up in “model-like” fashion. This means that as a judge Kavanaugh chose women for his legal team based on their physical appearance. 
    • Yesterday Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken sent a letter to the law school community expressing “enormous concern” about reports that a professor at the school had advised students to have a “certain look” to earn a judicial clerkship with Kavanaugh, according to NBC News.
  • Maybe the creepiest thing of all about Kavanaugh is what he wants to do to women’s rights once he gets on the Supreme Court. He does not respect women, and it is doubtful that he thinks women even have a right to control their own bodies.

Many people have also expressed concerns about Kavanaugh’s character because he has a documented history of lying under oath.

When you add up all of these things you get a picture of a man who does not belong on the U.S. Supreme Court.

We should all be thankful that Dr. Christine Ford brought the truth about Judge Kavanaugh to everyone’s attention. Now we have to hope that justice will be served, and this man will be denied a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land.