Ari Melber Calls Out Male GOP Senate Judiciary Cowards For Dodging Questioning Christine Ford

Ari Melber explained how Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee look bad by hiring a female prosecutor to do their dirty work for them in questioning Christine Blasey Ford.


Melber explained why the Watergate precedent doesn’t apply by saying, “This though obviously doesn’t look like that kind of case where someone with a long-term subject matter interest, like the official counsel for the committee, is dealing with topics. My job is to report to you the news, but when it looks bad, I have to tell you that it looks bad. This looks bad because it does look, unlike the Watergate precedent, more like a method for the male senators to avoid catching heat, political pressure, criticism for the way that they might push the accuser, an issue that of course came up in the 1991 hearings when Anita Hill testified.”

The All Male Republican Majority on The Senate Judiciary Committee Is Trying To Hide

Republicans are trying to hide. The old white men on the majority side of the Senate Judiciary Committee don’t want to put themselves on the line to support Brett Kavanaugh. That is what this is really about. The Republicans aren’t going to give Christine Blasey Ford a fair hearing. They won’t even release the name of the former female prosecutor that they have hired to do the questioning.

If Brett Kavanaugh is innocent, why won’t the men on the Republican side of the Judiciary Committee ask their own questions to get to the truth? The answer is that Republicans are trying to have their cake and eat it too. They want to get Kavanaugh confirmed without having to investigate the sexual assault allegations against him.

The Republican men on the Senate Judiciary Committee aren’t willing to put themselves on the line for Kavanaugh, and if they don’t seriously question Dr. Ford, then no one should believe that Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee is fit to serve on the Supreme Court.

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