Sarah Sanders Refuses To Say That Trump Will Protect Mueller If Rosenstein Is Fired

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders dodged the question and refused to say that Trump would protect the Mueller investigation is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is fired.


Sanders was asked if Trump has confidence in Rosenstein.

She answered, “The president has confidence in the system….I’m not going to get ahead of the conversation that’s going to take place, certainly he wants things to take place. There have been a number of incidents that have caused a great deal of concern, not just to the president but to Americans all over the country.”

It is an easy question to answer if the answer is yes.

The fact that Sanders dodged the question suggests that Trump is going to try to get rid of Rosenstein and end the Mueller investigation before Democrats have a chance to take back Congress in November. Congressional Republicans are warning Trump not to make a move on Rod Rosenstein, but if it continues to look like Democrats might take all of Congress, Trump may make a desperation play to shut down Mueller that would do his cause more harm than good.

While the nation is pre-occupied with the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, Trump‘s efforts to end the Mueller investigation are not relenting.

If Democrats take back Congress, the Russia investigation will accelerate forward, so by firing Rosenstein, all that Trump would accomplish is buying himself a little bit of time before the inevitability of impeachment comes crashing down on him.

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