Mitch McConnell Turns Yellow And Praises Hiring Of Prosecutor To Do Hit Job On Christine Ford

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) showed how low he is willing to go be praising Republican male Senators outsourcing their hearing hit job on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to woman Republican Arizona prosecutor.


McConnell said on the Senate floor, “I am encouraged by the committee’s choice of Rachel Mitchell, a career prosecutor with decades of experience in sensitive investigations…It’s time, Mr. President for senators to hear from both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh under oath. Tomorrow, we’ll do just that and then it will be time to vote.”

Republicans didn’t need a prosecutor to question Dr. Blasey Ford

Mitch McConnell was praising the men on the Republican Judiciary Committee for a cowardly abandonment of their responsibilities. A bunch of old white men who are scared to face the nation and attack a woman who has a credible story to tell about sexual assault. The Republican men need to stand behind their words, instead of hiding behind a hired gun prosecutor.

The hearing is not a criminal trial. The move to bring in an outside counsel to question Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh was another attempt to confuse people into believing that there is a legal threshold for credibility. The hearing on Thursday isn’t about Christine Blasey Ford. It is about the honesty, credibility, and fitness of Brett Kavanaugh for a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.

If Republicans really believed Kavanaugh, they would investigate the sexual assault allegations against him. If the White House believed Brett Kavanaugh, they would direct the FBI to investigate the sexual assault allegations. The fact that no Republican who supports Kavanaugh is willing to back an investigation to prove his innocence should tell you all that you need to know.

Republicans don’t believe Brett Kavanaugh, but with a midterm election less than two months away, they are rushing to fill the seat before they are voted out of power.

Senate Judiciary Republicans deserve the scorn of a nation for the hit job they have set up for their sham hearing on Thursday. It won’t won’t work. What they are doing is going to live on in the minds of voters long after the Kavanaugh confirmation vote has come and gone.

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