White House Is Freaking Out As Avenatti Repped Sexual Assault Allegation May Be The End For Kavanaugh

The explosive third allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh has the White House freaked, and aides thinking that this may be the end of the line for Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair tweeted:

People Involved In Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Say That This Could Be The End

All of the women who have come forward with accusations against Brett Kavanaugh have demanded one thing. They want an FBI investigation into Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee. The White House and Republicans have refused to slow down the confirmation process to do an investigation. They continued to think that they could “plow through” the allegations as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested.

Republicans have gone out of their way to rig the hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. They have refused to hear supporting evidence, won’t allow experts to testify, and still, Kavanaugh‘s nomination might go down in flames because the allegations are mounting and at some point, the cumulative impact becomes too much for the nomination to survive.

One should expect McConnell and Trump to continue to try to bully the nomination through until the last possible second, which means that no one should be surprised if McConnell schedules a confirmation vote, and the nomination is not pulled off of the Senate floor until it is clear that Brett Kavanaugh does not have the votes to be confirmed.

The votes aren’t there for McConnell right now, and if the national pressure is applied over the next few days, Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination could go down in defeat.

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