Chuck Grassley Immediately Turns Christine Blasey Ford Hearing Into A Disaster For Republicans

Senate Judiciary committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley began the hearing into Dr. Christine Blasey Ford‘s allegation that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her by attacking Sen. Dianne Feinstein, trying to discredit other accusers, and interrupting Feinstein’s opening statement.

Grassley began by attacking Sen. Feinstein and defending Kavanaugh:

He claimed that calls for an FBI investigation are obstruction by Democrats:

To top it off, after trying to discredit other accusers of Brett Kavanaugh, Grassley interrupted Feinstein during her opening statement:

Republicans tried to rig this hearing, but it is already a disaster

Senate Republicans have done everything in their power to turn this hearing into a one-sided event in favor of Brett Kavanaugh, but Republicans can’t hide their sexist behavior. The Republican Party is destroying itself with this sham process. It took less than 30 minutes for this hearing to go off of the rails. The Republican cover of hiring a woman to question Dr. Ford has already been blown.

The hearing is a trainwreck for Republicans and by the look of the early going, it is only going to get worse for the GOP.

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