Shameful GOP Appears To Be Moving Forward With Kavanaugh As Bob Corker Is A Yes Vote

The Republican Party appears to be on the verge of reaching yet another new low in the disturbing Trump era of American politics by moving forward with Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination.

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According to a Thursday night statement from Republican Sen. Bob Corker, the outgoing Tennessee lawmaker – one of the few GOP senators who has previously expressed doubt about Kavanaugh‘s nomination – plans to vote in favor of the accused sexual predator.

“There is no question that Judge Kavanaugh is qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, and in a different political environment, he would be confirmed overwhelmingly,” the outgoing senator said.

Of course, the “different political environment” to which the Republican senator refers is one in which men are allowed to glide through their careers, no matter how they treat women.

The full Corker statement, most of which was likely written prior to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s powerful testimony on Thursday:

Sen. Corker’s decision could give an opening to the other undecided Republican senators – Sens. Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Jeff Flake (AZ) – to rally behind Trump‘s Supreme Court pick.

As PoliticusUSA‘s Sarah Jones pointed out a short time after Corker’s announcement, all signs seem to be pointing to Republicans ramming through this nomination despite the allegations and despite Kavanaugh‘s deep unpopularity among the American public.

No matter what happens in the coming days, the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process has demonstrated that the modern Republican Party is just as morally bankrupt as Donald Trump. There is no responsible wing of the GOP left.

And if the undecided Republicans follow Corker‘s lead and support this man, they will do to the integrity of the judicial branch what Donald Trump has done to the executive branch.

That is damage that will take decades to repair.

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