Everything About Kavanaugh’s Testimony Is Consistent With The Allegations Against Him

On Thursday, the nation was given the sad opportunity to watch a man not named Donald Trump throw a temper tantrum on live television. Boy, was it a disaster.

In this case, it was Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh angrily lashing out, crying and acting like a hysterical child that just had a toy taken from him.

The desperate judge may think the strategy makes him look tough and defiant as his court nomination lights up like the Hindenburg, but what it really did was confirm the accounts of Kavanaugh that we’ve been reading about for the past two weeks.

After all, the central theme of all the allegations out there – from Dr. Ford to Deborah Ramirez to Julie Swetnick and at least two others – is that Kavanaugh is an aggressive, angry and belligerent drunk who likes to take advantage of women.

When the nation was given a chance to hear from the judge on Thursday, he did nothing to shake that characterization of him. He only confirmed it.

Here’s a taste of Kavanaugh‘s testimony, when he lashed out at the media and cried about the credible allegations against him:

This man should not be on the Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh didn’t just cast more doubt on his repeated denials during Thursday’s hearing. He also quite stunningly proved himself to be temperamentally unfit for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

In the face of tough questions and credible allegations against him, he lost complete emotional control. While Republicans – and the president – likely saw nothing wrong with his behavior, you can only imagine the reaction if Dr. Ford behaved this way during her portion of Thursday’s hearing.

But, of course, that didn’t happen. There was simply no contest between her testimony and that of Kavanaugh. She was calm, credible and fearless. He was hysterical, defensive and, at times, unstable.

Brett Kavanaugh may have rallied the GOP base by imitating the behavior of the man-sized toddler in the White House, but he likely did nothing to win over anybody else.

If he is confirmed, this cloud won’t just remain over him, but it will forever be a scar on the Republican Party and the United States Supreme Court

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