Messages of Support for Believing Women Flood In As Republicans Try to Bully Christine Blasey Ford

With Christine Blasey Ford up against an all male panel being fronted by Rachel Mitchell, a registered Republican they brought in from Maricopa County in Arizona (home to injustice and cruelty), a fact depicted so brilliantly by a New York Times photo below, people flocked to send Christine Blasey Ford their support.

Republicans think they can rig this hearing and bully Dr. Christine Ford with their prosecutor front they flew in from Arizona, but the truth is, we already see them for who and what they are. They never believe women.

They believe Kavanaugh, because they say he said he was innocent. But three credible women have said he is not innocent, and they have come with a list of witnesses between them, but Republicans refuse to call those witnesses. This suggests that Republicans do not actually believe Kavanaugh. What is actually going on is they do not care about sexual assault. Republicans do not think violating the law with a violent sexual crime is disqualifying for the highest court in the land.

This realization should give us great pause as to why that is. This is a party so corrupt they no longer care about the law.

Men and women are lining up to say they believe women. The polls show Republicans paying for their frat boy cruelty. It will take time, but justice will prevail.