Ronan Farrow Shoots Down Chuck Grassley’s Claim That GOP Submitted Requests to the Other Accusers

Ronan Farrow disputed Republican Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley‘s (R-IA) claim that Republicans submitted numerous requests to the other women who have made sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, citing Debbie Ramirez’s attorneys who claim that Republicans refused to even speak on the phone with them.

Avenatti’s experience dovetails with Ramirez’s attorneys:

Here’s Grassley trying to diffuse and deflect the Republican unwillingness to even hear the other credible accusations against Brett Kavanaugh:

Republicans should be absolutely shamed and humiliated for this sham, for spitting on women like this. Sexual assault is a crime, and Republicans are treating this like it’s “locker room talk”– AGAIN.

The women just keep coming forward, and Republicans keep pretending that these are political attacks as they enable what seems to be a Cosby level rapist who drugged and plied women with alcohol to rape them.