Sen. Dick Durbin Masterfully Traps Brett Kavanaugh On FBI Investigation


Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) masterfully backed Brett Kavanaugh into a corner and used his own statements against him on wanting an FBI investigation. It was so bad that Sen. Chuck Grassley had to rescue Kavanaugh.



Durbin told Kavanaugh that if he welcomed any kind of investigation all he had to do was look to his left at White House Counsel Don McGhan and tell him that he wants the hearing suspended and the FBI to investigate. Kavanaugh didn’t know what to say, so Sen. Chuck Grassley barged in and claimed that the White House or Kavanaugh isn’t running the hearing. He is.

If Brett Kavanaugh is innocent. He should welcome an FBI investigation. Kavanaugh himself claimed that these allegations are ruining his life. If this is true, wouldn’t any person want to clear their name? Why is Brett Kavanaugh so afraid of an FBI investigation?

Dick Durbin had Kavanaugh cornered, and it wasn’t a good look for a Supreme Court nomination that looks to be sinking by the second.

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