Sen. Richard Blumenthal Accuses Trump Of A Brett Kavanaugh Cover-Up

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) accused Trump of engaging in a cover-up for Brett Kavanaugh by refusing to have the FBI investigate the sexual assault claims against the Supreme Court nominee.


After Dr. Christine Blasey Ford said that she would like an FBI investigation because she could be more helpful to everyone, and give a more specific date of the assault if she knew when Mark Judge worked at the Safeway.

Sen. Blumenthal responded, “Well, it’s not up to you. It’s up to the President Of The United States, and his failure to ask for an FBI investigation is tantamount to a cover-up in my view.”

Trump is covering up for Kavanaugh. There is no other explanation for why the White House has refused to ask the FBI to do an investigation other than Republicans are afraid of what the FBI will uncover. Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination appears to be on life support. Trump should have asked the FBI to investigate.

Doing things by the book is not Donald Trump‘s way. When Trump is confronted with potential criminal activity, his first impulse is always to cover-up. If Kavanaugh‘s nomination goes down, it won’t be Mitch McConnell‘s fault. This failure will be all on Donald Trump.

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