Avenatti Says He Will Reveal More Kavanaugh Gang Rape Witnesses ‘Soon’

Last updated on November 21st, 2018 at 03:41 pm

Last night we reported that the FBI has already begun its additional investigation into the background of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. We’ve also reported that there appear to be many provable claims that the nominee has committed criminal perjury, and his confirmation by the U.S. Senate is in serious jeopardy.

One thing we haven’t talked about a lot is the status of the ‘gang rape’ accusations made against Kavanaugh and his high school friends. These accusations were put in a legally-admissible sworn statement by Julie Swetnick, who is represented by Michael Avenatti.

In a speech yesterday afternoon in Texas, Avenatti said he has witnesses who are willing and able to corroborate Swetnick’s story and will bring them forward ‘soon.’

He also expressed his frustration that despite repeated requests his client has not been allowed to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee as they held hearings into the fitness of Kavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court.

“We’ve been asking for an FBI investigation and for my client to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the requests have been ignored,” Avenatti said yesterday. “I know the identities of witnesses Julie said could corroborate her story, and I’m going to bring them forward soon.”

“Soon” means within the next 72 hours, he said. This would presumably mean before Monday morning.

A vote by the full Senate on Kavanaugh’s confirmation will take place in one week. Senate leaders and Trump agreed on Friday to a request by Judiciary Committee member Sen. Jeff Flake to have the FBI further investigate claims against the nominee.

It has not been made clear if the FBI investigation will include allegations other than those made by Dr. Christine Ford, who testified before the committee on Thursday. Apparently the FBI can determine the scope of its own investigation, however. This would mean they would interview Swetnick and the other witnesses to the gang rapes.

Avenatti said he believes that all of the women who have accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct are telling the truth and that Kavanaugh should not be confirmed. He said Kavanaugh is lying and “deserves an Oscar” for the performance he put on during his Senate testimony. 

The Republican Party believes in one thing above all else: winning,” Avenatti said. “At all costs. They don’t care how they win, what rules they break along the way, the ethical norms. It’s pathetic.”


Leo Vidal

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