Choir Boy Kavanaugh Caught In Another Lie As His Name Surfaces In Bar Fight Police Report

Donald Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has spent much of the past few weeks trying to convince the country that he was a choir boy in his younger years, but every new development keeps proving him wrong.

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According to a Monday night report from The New York Times, Kavanaugh was mentioned by name in a police report documenting a bar fight in 1985.

The report notes, “As an undergraduate student at Yale, Brett M. Kavanaugh was involved in an altercation at a local bar during which he was accused of throwing ice on another patron, according to a police report.”

Bloomberg added more information, saying that Kavanaugh and two other Yale students “had just come from seeing the English reggae band UB40 at a nearby venue in New Haven, Connecticut, when they saw a man who resembled the lead singer. The man told the trio he wasn’t the singer and brusquely told them to stop looking at him. Kavanaugh couldn’t let the comment pass, according to one of the two friends with Kavanaugh that night.”

Bloomberg continued:

Kavanaugh first cursed at the man. After the man responded in kind, Kavanaugh threw a beer in his face, said Charles Ludington, a former Yale basketball player who’s now a history professor at North Carolina State University. The act precipitated a brawl that drew in their other friend — Yale basketball star and future NBA player Chris Dudley — and eventually prompted a call to police.

Kavanaugh was frequently “belligerent and aggressive” after drinking and had lied to senators about his experience with alcohol, Ludington said in a statement released to the news media Sunday. The barroom fisticuffs were the most searing example of Kavanaugh’s behavior he remembers, Ludington said in an interview with Bloomberg News, where he expanded on his statement for the first time.

Not only was Kavanaugh involved in a drunken bar fight, as the reporting reveals, but he appears to have started it. And according to Kavanaugh classmate Chad Ludington, this type of behavior wasn’t surprising.

It was sort of a general feature of hanging out with Brett in college,” Ludington said, according to Bloomberg. “When you’re having beers on a Friday or Saturday night, that was kind of Brett’s shtick. He was aggressive. He was belligerent.”

The revelations line up with what his accusers have been saying all along

Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and their Republican allies in Congress have spent the past several weeks trying to discredit the judge’s accusers, but each new piece of information that surfaces only adds credibility to the accounts of the multiple women who have come forward.

As I noted last weekthe central theme of all the allegations out there is that Kavanaugh is an aggressive, angry and belligerent drunk who likes to take advantage of women.

The flurry of new reporting on Monday isn’t only consistent with those claims, but it proves he lied repeatedly under oath during his Senate testimony.

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