Kavanaugh Nomination Backfires As Voters Are More Likely To Support Candidates Who Oppose Nominee


The Brett Kavanaugh nomination has backfired on Republicans as voters are more likely to support candidates who oppose the Supreme Court nominee than those who support him.

A new Morning Consult/Politico Poll found:

– 57% of Democrats said they would be much less likely to support a candidate who backs Kavanaugh, compared with 42% of Republican voters who said they would be much more likely to back a Kavanaugh supporter


– This week, 40% of voters say the Senate should not vote to confirm Kavanaugh, compared to 37% who say he should be confirmed. Last week, 37% opposed while 34% supported a Kavanaugh confirmation.

– Voters perceive Blasey Ford more positively than Kavanaugh: 53% of voters say they have a more favorable view of Dr. Ford following the Senate hearing. In contrast, voters were more likely to have a less favorable view of Brett Kavanaugh (50%).

However, voters are divided on whether allegations are true: 38% believe Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Blasey Ford, 35% don’t believe the claim.

– Democrats (67%) and independents (34%) are most likely to believe the claim, while Republicans (72%) are more likely to believe the assault did not occur

– 40% of women believe Kavanaugh assaulted Blasey Ford, while 33% don’t believe the allegation
Voters are split, 42%

Republicans thought the Kavanaugh nomination would help them. It has done the opposite

Republicans have been rushing to get Brett Kavanaugh confirmed because they wanted to use his confirmation as an “accomplishment” to motivate their voters in the midterm election. Instead, Kavanaugh is a stain on the party that is inspiring voters to vote Democratic in November.

Everything about the Republican Kavanaugh strategy has been wrong, and they are going to punished severely by voters for pushing a nominee for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court who has been credibly accused of sexual assault.

Republicans thought Brett Kavanaugh would save the Senate for them, but his nomination may hand the upper body to Democrats in November.

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