Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer After NYT Bombshell On Trump Tax Crimes

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) called for the public release of Trump‘s tax returns after the New York Times bombshell investigation into the president’s tax crimes.

Schiff tweeted:

Democrats have the evidence they need to investigate Trump tax crimes

The NYT story could not have come at a worse time for Trump. The midterm election is a little more than a month away and Democrats are in prime position to take back the House, and there was already ample incentive for Democrats to investigate Trump‘s tax returns, but today’s story revealing that Trump committed several tax crimes to gain his wealth is enough to form the basis for a full investigation the financial dealings of Trump and his family.

It is vital to national security for the country to understand if the President Of The United States is vulnerable or compromised. The fact that Trump is accused of committed crimes to avoid paying 50% of the taxes on money from his parents is potentially politically fatal. All of those working people who voted for Trump have taxes taken out of their paychecks every single week, while Trump has spent his life dodging paying his fair share.

The thing that Donald Trump fears the most is the public release of his tax returns, but Rep. Schiff made clear that the day is coming soon where the American will get to see what Trump has been hiding for all of these years. The myth that Donald Trump is a self-made millionaire is dead, and his political career may soon follow.

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