Lindsey Graham Tells Trump To Renominate Brett Kavanaugh If Nomination Fails

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Trump to nominate Brett Kavanaugh again if his Supreme Court nomination gets voted down by the Senate.

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Graham was quoted as saying:

John McCain Died And Took Lindsey Graham’s Brain With Him

Graham was suggesting that even if the Senate rejects Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination, Trump should renominate the same guy that the Senate they didn’t want on the Supreme Court. Nominating Kavanaugh a second time would likely mean that he would get voted down a second time. It would accomplish nothing, and waste everyone’s time.

The fact that Graham is talking about Kavanaugh being rejected is a sure sign that Republicans still don’t have the votes to confirm Trump‘s nominee. If the Senate votes down Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination, Republicans won’t have enough time to nominate another candidate for the Supreme Court vacancy before the midterm election.

The smartest thing that Republicans could do would be to have a “Plan B” candidate quickly ready to go. However, Trump signaled in his remarks to the press yesterday that there is no backup plan. The plan is to sink or swim with Kavanaugh and hope that Republicans keep the Senate in the midterm election.

Nominating Kavanaugh again is the dumbest idea possible, but it shows that without John McCain around, Sen. Lindsey Graham is out of his mind.

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