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Rachel Maddow Just Took A Wrecking Ball To The Myth Of Trump

Rachel Maddow took apart the myth of Donald Trump as a self-made billionaire and exposed Trump as a person who is not a financial or business mind, but someone who was great at a con.


Maddow said that part of the reason that this story hasn’t been told in such detail before is that the Times was able to get hundreds of thousands of pages of family business documents and files, and she added, “He has not been a financial genius. He has not been a great dealmaker. He has not been a great business mind, but he has been great at convincing the credulous press to describe him as such over a period of decades, and that blustery PR effort was effective at disguising this blatant con that he played on the public for years pretending to be some kind of self-made millionaire or self-made billionaire when he apparently isn’t anything of the sort.”

Rachel Maddow Took a Wrecking Ball To The Myth Of Donald Trump

None of it is true. Trump didn’t build an empire. He inherited one and managed to lose money. Trump is a self-made myth. His administration is corrupt and inept because Donald Trump got his fortune through birth and illegally cheating the tax system. Rachel Maddow took a wrecking ball to what Trump holds nearest and dearest to his heart.

Trump doesn’t value his children, his family, or the presidency. Trump values the myth of success that he spent decades building and creating. The only thing that Donald Trump has ever worked hard at is pushing his mythological origin story in the press. Trump never did the work to be successful. He has been riding on his father’s coattails for his entire life.

Rachel Maddow summed it all up. Donald Trump has failed at everything with the exception of conning the American people into believing that he isn’t a failure.

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