Kavanaugh Classmate Pulls His Support Over Disrespect Of Congress

Brett Kavanaugh’s former law school classmate Mark Osler said that he retracted his support for Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination after Kavanaugh disrespected a co-equal branch of government.


Osler told MSNBC’s Ari Melber, “You just played the exchange with my senator, Amy Klobuchar., and that is something that really struck me. It’s the way he treated a coequal branch of government. That, in a world where we are lacking civility in a lot of places, one that needs to be maintained is at the highest level between the branches of government. What we saw there was an encounter that is far from what he hoped for.”

Kavanaugh has problems on four fronts. The largest is the sexual assault allegations against him, but there are also questions about his lying about his past, his drinking, and his temperament.

Disrespect of Congress is very important for who is going to be ruling matters directly impacting legislation and Congress for decades. It is well known that Brett Kavanaugh believes in an imperial presidency, but if Kavanaugh can’t treat Congress like a co-equal branch of government, then he represents a threat to the entire constitutional system of checks and balances.

Brett Kavanaugh showed a rage and disrespect that made it clear that he lacks the composure and temperament to be a Supreme Court justice. There are many reasons to oppose Brett Kavanaugh, but they all come back to the same point that this person does not belong on the Supreme Court.

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