The White House Thinks Collins And Murkowski Will Vote For Kavanaugh After The FBI Investigation


The White House believes that Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) are going to vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh after the results of the FBI investigation come in.



Philip Rucker of The Washington Post said on MSNBC, “There remains a certain overall confidence in the White House that Kavanaugh will be able to just eek through. There’s a feeling that Collins and Murkowski in particular once the FBI comes back with the results of this investigation and if the FBI does not find anything particularly damning that those two senators and also possibly Senator Flake of Arizona will come around to supporting Kavanaugh, but it’s very much up in the air.”

The FBI Investigation Could Be A Pretext

There is a very good possibility is just a pretext being used to give Republicans cover to support Kavanaugh. This would explain why a full investigation has not been done. A full investigation might turn up potential information that would make it impossible for the Senators to support the nominee, so the FBI has been limited to only doing the bare minimum. There has been so much conflicting information about the scope of the FBI investigation that the only people who really know are the White House and Senate Republican leadership.

The investigation was never about the truth. It is about doing enough to get the votes that Kavanaugh needs to be confirmed. No one should be surprised if Murkowski, Collins, and Flake end up voting for Kavanaugh. Unless new information is revealed, it is looking like confirmation is the path that Republicans have always been on.

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