New Ad Features Brett Kavanaugh’s Own Friends Accusing Him Of Perjury

A new ad features Brett Kavanaugh’s own friends accusing him of lying to Congress and perjury.

Here is the ad from Demand Justice:

The ad transcript:

VOICEOVER: They say a man’s only as good as his word. But Brett Kavanaugh hasn’t been telling the truth.

Even his friends – some who’ve known him for 30 years – say they think he’s lying.

CLIP OF CHAD LUDINGTON: Brett has not told the truth.

AUDIO OF LYNNE BROOKES: He was lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

CLIP OF LIZ SWISHER: He was clearly lying, and it was incredibly disturbing to see somebody perjuring themselves who’s in line to be a Supreme Court justice.

CLIP OF JAMES ROCHE: Not only did I know that he wasn’t telling the truth, I knew that he knew he wasn’t telling the truth.

VOICEOVER: If Kavanaugh’s own friends don’t think he has the integrity to serve on the Supreme Court, why should we?

Brett Kavanaugh’s Lack Of Integrity Could Doom Him

The reason why some critical swing vote Republicans are still on the fence about Kavanaugh’s confirmation is that he hasn’t shown himself to be a credible nominee. Brett Kavanaugh, just like the man who nominated him, appears to have integrity and honesty problems. If Senators thought that they could trust his word, Kavanaugh might have been confirmed already.

The problem is that time and again, the nominee has given Senators reasons to doubt him.

The fight isn’t over, and the vote is close. If the people who know Brett Kavanaugh best are calling him a liar, the Senate shouldn’t take the word of Trump and put him on the Supreme Court.

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