Retired Republican Supreme Court Justice Says Kavanaugh Is Not Qualified For SCOTUS

Retired Republican Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said that his performance at the hearing, Brett Kavanaugh is no longer qualified to be on the Supreme Court.

Stevens said:

Everyone thinks Kavanaugh is not qualified but 48 GOP Senators and Donald Trump

Temperament matters. One of Kavanaugh’s law school classmates pulled his support after watching the nominee treat Congress with such disrespect during his confirmation hearing. Former Justice Stevens was very distinguished during his time on the court. He conducted himself with a temperament and decorum that befit a Supreme Court justice. On paper, Kavanaugh appears to be qualified to be a conservative justice, but paper doesn’t tell the whole story. The sexual assault allegations, the lies, the anger in front of Congress are all red flags.

Just as Donald Trump should not be in the White House, Brett Kavanaugh does not belong on the Supreme Court.

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