Crowdpac To Fund Susan Collins’ Opponent Raises Millions After She Supports Kavanaugh

A Crowdpac to fund Sen. Susan Collins’ 2020 opponent crashed under the weight of people trying to make donations after she announced her support for confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The Rage At Susan Collins Literally Broke A Piece Of The Internet

People were setting up Act Blue sites to donate to Collins’ future challenger. One of the Act Blue sites has raised over $200,000.

The eye-popping numbers are piling up on Crowdpac, where over $2.5 million has been raised and will be given to Collins’ 2020 opponent once that person is identified.

Republican strategists were already warning that the bump in the polls that the GOP got in the polls from their supporters will fade quickly if Kavanaugh is confirmed, but the anger of Democrats and others was likely to grow and last for years over this confirmation. Republicans are going to pay for ramming Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination through the Senate for years to come.

Democrats are ready. Democrats are angry, and they are opening up their wallets to boot Susan Collins out of the Senate.

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