Top Judiciary Committee Democrat Vows To Open Investigation Into Kavanaugh

The man who is in line to be the next chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) is promising that Democrats will open an investigation into Brett Kavanaugh if they win back the House.

The New York Times reported:
Speaking on the eve of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote this weekend, Mr. Nadler said that there was evidence that Senate Republicans and the F.B.I. had overseen a “whitewash” investigation of the allegations and that the legitimacy of the Supreme Court was at stake. He sidestepped the issue of impeachment.

“It is not something we are eager to do,” Mr. Nadler said in an interview. “But the Senate having failed to do its proper constitutionally mandated job of advise and consent, we are going to have to do something to provide a check and balance, to protect the rule of law and to protect the legitimacy of one of our most important institutions.”

Vital Institutions Are Being Compromised and Eroded Under Trump

Rep. Nadler was talking about legitimacy. Under Trump, the intelligence community, law enforcement, Congress, the presidency, and now the Supreme Court are just a few of the institutions of our nation that have their legitimacy damaged. Rep. Nadler has been warning that Trump is trying to obstruct justice and that if given power, his committee will move to check this president.

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This doesn’t end with Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Democrats are going to get to the truth behind the Kavanaugh confirmation process, and the nominee himself. Republicans may win today, but they are facing a future filled with defeat.

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