Bad News For Trump As There Are New Leads On His Tax Crimes

Susanne Craig, an investigative reporter for The New York Times, said that the newspaper has new leads on Trump’s tax crimes.


Craig said when asked by CNN’s Brian Stelter about a part two to their Trump investigation, “We hope to. We have more leads and more string to pull. We will keep going on it. There’s a lot of information we have been given. We’re excited to come in Monday morning and get going.”

The investigative reporter also asked the public for Trump’s tax returns, “We would love to if sources want to give them to us. Hopefully, we have proven we can handle it. We are in the market for any information people want to send us.”

Craig’s comments were a good reminder that even after all of the chaos surrounding the Republicans putting a potential predator on the Supreme Court, the fundamental corruption and the efforts to expose this president’s darkest secrets continue to churn forward. There is more trouble on the horizon for the Trump and his party.

The investigations are continuing to march forward, and it is only a matter of time before they return to dominating the headlines. Donald Trump’s cons are unraveling. He is trapped by the glare of the presidency, and all of his darkest secrets are set to come out. Republicans may have peaked with Kavanaugh confirmation, as the real October surprises have yet to come.

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