Democrats To Focus Their Kavanaugh Anger Like A Laser On Midterm Election

Sen. Maize Hirono (D-HI) told ABC’s This Week that Democratic anger over Kavanaugh’s confirmation is going to be focused like a laser on the midterm election.

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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

KARL: But do you want the investigation — do you want to continue an investigation…

HIRONO: Jerry Nadler will do what Jerry Nadler will do. But I’m totally focused with all the angry women and the men who listen to women and support the credible accounts of sexual harassment and sexual assault, which is very under-reported, that I’m focused like a laser beam on the elections.

Because all of these angry people out there, they know that it is the people who are sitting in the Senate that they’ve elected who are making these decisions. And they’re going to go to the polls and they’re going to vote differently.

The problem for Republicans is simple. They had something that motivated their voters with the Kavanaugh confirmation fight. There is no doubt that if Republican Senators had kept the seat open through the midterm election, it would have helped the GOP in November, but they’re scared of losing the Senate, so they rushed the confirmation through.

The result is that Republicans have peaked too soon. Their votes have no stake or motivation to vote. The outcome of the Kavanaugh confirmation only feeds the Republican complacency and belief that everything is going to be fine.

Democrats are enraged, and with no Kavanaugh fight to distract them, they are locked in on the midterm election. As Sen. Hirono said, that anger is about to channeled into votes. Democrats are coming, and now they have even more motivation to work day and night to take back Congress in a month.

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