Out Of His Mind Lindsey Graham Is Going To Campaign Against Democrats Who Opposed Kavanaugh

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is vowing to go state to state and campaign against Democrats who opposed Brett Kavanaugh.


Sen. Graham said on Fox News Sunday, “Well, we’ll know in November of that make sense. I hope everyone running for the House in these purple districts will be asked the question, do you support impeaching Judge Kavanaugh based on five allegations, none of which could be corroborated? Do you want an outcome so badly that you would basically turn the law upside down? All I can say is that this is going to the streets at the ballot box. I’m going to — I’ve never campaigned against a colleague in my life. That’s about to change. I’m going to go throughout this country and let people in these, you know, purple states, red states where Trump won, know what I thought, know what I think about this process.”

Look Out Democrats. Here Comes Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham is the guy who couldn’t even get on the main debate stage when he ran for president in 2016. Democrats have very little worry about if Graham comes in their backyard to campaign against him. Most voters wouldn’t know Lindsey Graham if he walked up to them wearing a t-shirt that said Sen. Lindsey Graham in big bold letters.

People process grief in different ways. Sen. Graham has dealt with the death of his friend Sen. John McCain by going completely out of his mind. We all get it. Sen. Graham wants to be Trump’s next attorney general, but this nonsense of “taking it to the streets” shows how far Republicans are going to go try to milk this Kavanaugh thing.

It’s over. Brett Kavanaugh’s already confirmed. Republican voters aren’t going to care anymore.

Lindsey Graham is taking his angry white man who defends sexual predators tour on the road, and he may end up helping to elect more Democrats in the process.

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