Nikki Haley Didn’t Tell The White House That She Was Bailing On Trump

Nikki Haley didn’t give the White House a head’s up that she was leaving. Instead, the administration found out from reporters that their UN Ambassador was resigning.

NBC News reported:

This is not what a well-oiled machine looks like

Trump is fond of calling his administration a well-oiled machine, but a functional administration doesn’t get blindsided by their own UN Ambassador. Beneath the nicey-nice between Trump and Haley at the White House, which was real because they both like each other is the fact that Haley bailed on the administration at a time when it is possible that Republicans could lose control of Congress. The last thing that Republicans want with a month to go before the election is public signs that they are bracing for a Democratic takeover of Congress.

The White House is trying to spin Haley’s departure, but there are going to be more stories about people leaving the administration and the White House caught off guard in the weeks to come. Haley is a political pro. She knows which way the winds are blowing, and she got out before Democrats took back Congress.

Trump had no idea Haley was leaving, and the fact that the White House has to get information about their officials from reporters is a troubling reminder of the extreme dysfunction and incompetence of this administration.

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