Rep. Maxine Waters Goes Off And Blows Up Trump’s Claims That Protesters Are A Mob

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) went off and exposed Trump as leading the mob that is trying to silence the non-violent protests of women in the United States.


Waters said:

It is because of peaceful protests, not only in the civil rights movement, but the labor movement was able to get better wages, able to get better working conditions, able to get better way, everything because they learned to March and protest. And they still do it today. We know that protest is guaranteed to a democratic we know that this is guaranteed to us by the constitution. They’re trying to change the description of protest and call it a mob.

Well, this president is the poster boy for what a mob protester looks like. He is — matter of fact he’s the one who has been violent in his he’s the one in his rallies have said things like this, I’d like to punch him in the face. Trump said that at one of his rallies, he said knock the crap out of them, would you, and seriously, okay, just knock the hell — I mean, I promise I will pay the legal fees. That’s the kind of talk that he has done. That’s violent talk. With don’t have that kind of talk that has come from the women who are protesting. As a matter of fact, this country is past due for the kind of protests that we have seen women do in the last few days. As we have gone through this confirmation process of Kavanaugh. It is time for women to say that we’re tired of being disrespected. We’re tired of being, you know, called out our names, et cetera, et cetera, and, of course, this sexual assault that so many have gotten away with for so long is over.

The me too movement have gotten us started, the marches that we’ve been doing, we’re not going to back down, you’re not going to intimidate us, you’re not going to frighten us, you’re not going to take away our right to stand up for ourselves. And guess what? While they’re trying to say to families you’ve got to be worried about your boys, families know, families know, first of all, they’ve got to be worried about all of their children. But they also understand, if their daughters are to grow up and to have careers and to have confidence and to be able to realize their full potential, now is the time to embrace them and stand with them as they push back on the abuse of power by people like the president of the United States and McConnell.

Rep. Waters was right. No one is buying that the scared old white men are being victimized by a mob. The reason why so many people are angry is that Trump and McConnell ignored the will of the majority, and rammed Brett Kavanaugh on to the Supreme Court. Peaceful protest is not a mob. It is a constitutional right, and the only thugs in this picture are the Republicans who are trampling the Constitution in order to carry out their unpopular and extremist agenda.

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