Trump Just Declared That Iowa And Nebraska Are No Longer Part Of The United States

An out of control Trump declared Iowa and Nebraska to be their own countries in a moment that showed how far the President Of The United States is slipping.


Trump said, “Today I kept another major promise to Iowa, Nebraska, and other countries.”

This wasn’t a run of the mill verbal gaffe.

Trump didn’t mistake counties for countries. He claimed that states in the United States of America are now their own countries. Iowa and Nebraska aren’t countries. They are states. There are only 50 of them, and the President Of The United States should know this. Trump wasn’t exhausted from a rigorous campaign, as Obama was during his 57 states gaffe. Obama was trying to say that he visited all 48 continental states, but he started with fifty instead of forty. It was easy to see what Obama was trying to say.

It is impossible to know what Trump was trying to get at.

There is no logical train of thought, and if Trump is this exhausted from the few red state rallies that he has been holding, then he doesn’t have the health or stamina to be president. Trump is a babbling mess, and it is impossible to see how the broken down president is helping Republican even when banished to the reddest parts of the country, or foreign countries like Nebraska and Iowa.

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