Republicans Go Full Blown Racist And Warn That Black Mobs Are Coming For Whites On Election Day

The Republican Party is now warning their white voters that black people are angry mobs who are coming for them on election day.


The racial dog whistles were everywhere and pretty impossible to miss, as Ron Brownstein tweeted:

Since Brett Kavanaugh can’t save them, Republicans have turned to racism

The latest polling has revealed that the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation has backfired by energizing more Democrats than Republicans, so without the Kavanaugh card to play, Republicans have returned to their old reliable, the racist boogeyman. Hillary Clinton was thrown into that ad because for the next 100 years every Republican ad will try to feature a Clinton or Obama. They are the evergreen targets that Republicans always pull out when they are struggling to mobilize their voters.

I would say that this is a new low, but Republicans have been using these racial codes to motivate their voters for decades. They’ve done with black people. They’ve done it with Hispanics and immigration. It reveals the desperation of a failing party whose base has become dominated by angry old white men.

The midterm election is about to get very ugly. A mob took over America in 2016, and the majority of the country is coming to take their country back this November.

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