Trump Complains That The Me Too Era Is Making It Harder For Him To Be A Sexist Pig

During his poorly timed campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, Donald Trump complained about the so-called “rules” of the Me Too era.

The president whined that he can no longer just spew the same sexist garbage that he might’ve in the past.

“See in the old days, it was a little different,” Trump told a crowd of his foaming-at-the-mouth supporters.

“There’s an expression, but under the rules of ‘Me Too’ I’m not allowed to use that expression anymore,” Trump complained. “I can’t do it.”

Some social media users theorized about the “expression” the president felt he could no longer say in the ‘Me Too’ era.

The Hill reported more on the president’s long trainwreck of a joke about the ‘Me Too’ movement that is forcing him to sensor his more sexist rhetorical urges:

Trump then pointed to the phrase “the girl that got away.”

He instead opted for “the person that got away,” referring to Republicans‘ failure to win the state of Pennsylvania in presidential elections for years.

“It’s the ‘person’ that got away,” he continued, apparently implying he was being censored. The comments drew shouts from the crowd before Trump chuckled, saying that a man was telling him to “do it anyway.”

“I would do it except for these people up there,” he said, gesturing toward the press pen.

Trump seems emboldened after suspected sexual predator Kavanaugh was confirmed

It’s likely that Trump sees the confirmation of accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh as an encouraging sign that there is still a place in this world for sexist pigs.

After all, Trump himself took time out of a Mississippi rally last week to mock the credible testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Like Kavanaugh, Trump likely believes he will face no immediate political consequences for spewing such vitriol.

But with the election less than a month away, it is this very rhetoric that has turned off so many women – and will motivate them to turn out in November.

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