Republicans Are Throwing Their Doomed Incumbents Overboard As Democrats Surge

House Republicans are throwing their own doomed incumbents overboard at a rapid pace as Democrats are expanding the election map into red rural counties.

The New York Times reported:

In a tactical retreat, Republican groups have already withdrawn some or all funding from a few embattled incumbents, mainly in suburbs where President Trump is unpopular, including Representatives Kevin Yoder of Kansas, Mike Coffman of Colorado and Mike Bishop of Michigan. They have abandoned more than half a dozen seats where Republican lawmakers are not running for re-election, including most recently the Tucson, Ariz.-based seat of Representative Martha McSally, who left to run for Senate. Party strategists said several other incumbents must recover quickly or risk losing funding, including Representatives Peter Roskam of Illinois and Mimi Walters of California, who represent white-collar suburbs near Chicago and Los Angeles, respectively.


Democrats believe Republicans will not be able to shrink the House battlefield: Democratic groups have taken an aggressive approach to the map, probing Republican vulnerability even in districts that tilt to the right. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently began advertising in six conservative-leaning seats, from rural Pennsylvania to the suburbs of Little Rock, Ark., where they see Republicans slipping.

Republicans Have Moved To A Firewall Strategy

Democrats only need 23 seats to take back the House. They have a chance to win 50 or 60, so when Republicans talk about limiting Democratic gains to 20 seats, it is a fantasy. Wave elections don’t work that way. If the dam breaks for Democrats on Election Day, they will be more likely to win 40 than 20 seats.

Republicans are sacrificing some seats in the hope of saving others. This is a strategy that never works, and with Democrats expanding the map into even more districts, the pressure is only going to grow on the GOP in the days to come.

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