Twitter Toasts Melania For Saying She Is ‘The Most Bullied Person’

In an exclusive interview with ABC News during her tour of Africa, first lady Melania Trump claimed she is the “most bullied person in the world.” Needless to say there are a lot people who disagree with her, and many of them went to Twitter to express their opinions.

“EXCLUSIVE: First lady Melania Trump says her “Be Best” policy platform targeting online bullies is personal. “I could say that I’m the most bullied person in the world,” she tells ABC.”

Speaking with ABC National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas, President Donald Trump’s third wife was asked her social media BeBest campaign and she claimed that she is on the receiving end of social attacks. BeBest is an anti-bullying campaign and many people thought it odd that her first response was to mention herself.

“I could say that I’m the most bullied person in the world,” Melania Trump said.

“You think you’re the most bullied person?” Llamas pressed.

“One of them — if you really see what people are saying about me,” Trump replied.

Additionally she complained that there are still people within the White House who can’t be trusted.

“It’s harder to govern. You always need to watch your back,” she stated without going into details over who is hampering her husband’s agenda.

Melania’s comments inflamed social media. One person aptly wrote, “So #bebest is about her. The entire family is self-absorbed.” Another wrote, “Well, she’s married to the biggest bully in the world.”

Another person wrote, “Hey , a persecution complex in one of the most pampered and privileged people in the country, married to a true creep, isn’t becoming.”

The First Lady also was criticized for her colonial-era attire during her African trip.

“One of the things you do, Mrs. Trump, is wear attire that sends blatant, offensive signals when you know your image will be displayed worldwide”

In May the Trump the administration admitted that Melania added her name to the 2009 Obama era FTC anti-bullying document and branded it as her own. Which means here entire Be Best campaign was stolen from the Obamas.

Since she came out with the program, it has been suggested to her that she talk to her husband and to her stepson Donald Trump, Jr., who are widely known for they cyber-bullying tendencies.

In June Melania wore an ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket when traveling to see migrant children who have been separated from their parents and placed in detention centers. Donald Trump at the time came up with a very lame explanation for her actions, so we’ll have to see what he has to say now about his wife’s tone-deaf actions and words.

The interview is set to air on Thursday morning on ABC.