Democrats Are Rolling As Sen. Sherrod Brown Sets Ohio Fundraising Record

More signs that Democrats are rolling toward election day, as Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) broke the Ohio Senate fundraising record by raising more than $27 million in the previous quarter.

The Dayton Daily News reported:

Sen. Sherrod Brown has raised nearly $27.1 million so far in his quest to receive a third term in the U.S. Senate — a figure higher even than Sen. Rob Portman’s total fund-raising in 2016.


Brown’s campaign said 38,544 individuals contributed to his campaign last quarter, bringing the number of contributors for the cycle up to 155,644.

“Sherrod’s respect for the dignity of work and his record of fighting for Ohio’s priorities continue to give our campaign grassroots momentum as we head towards Election Day,” said Justin Barasky, Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign manager.

Republicans Won’t Be Flipping Senate Seats In Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania

It is almost hilarious to think of now, but after the 2016 election, Republicans actually thought that they could flip Democratically held Senate seats in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Sen. Bob Casey is up by an average of 16 points in Pennsylvania, with recent polls showing his lead getting close to 20. In Ohio, Brown is leading by an average of 16 points over his Republican opponent Jim Renacci, and in Wisconsin, Sen. Tammy Baldwin is up by an average of 10.6 points in her reelection contest.

Republicans aren’t going to win any of these seats as Trump’s victories in states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are looking like Russia aided flukes than any sort of fundamental shift in voting behavior. Sherrod Brown was a big Republican target heading into 2018, and the progressive hero has more than defended his seat. His success is a signal that Democrats are rolling in both House and Senate races, and if the blue wave materializes, a Democratic Senate is very possible.

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