Trump Political Stunt Backfires After He Asks Imprisoned Pastor Brunson Who He Voted For

Trump had to turn a moment of prayer into a political stunt when had to ask Pastor Brunson who was in prison during the 2016 election who he voted for.


Brunson said in prayer, “Lord God, I ask that you pour out your holy spirit on president trump, that you give him supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country and for him. I ask that you give him wisdom on how to lead this country into righteousness. I ask that you give him perseverance and endurance and courage to stand for truth. I ask that you protect him from slander from enemies, from those who would undermine. I ask that you make him a great blessing to this country. Fill him with your wisdom and strength and perseverance, and we bless him. May he be a great blessing to our country. In Jesus’ name, we bless you.”

Trump responded by saying, “Can I ask you one question? Who did you vote for?”

Pastor Brunson answered, “>> I would like to say I sent in an absentee ballot from prison.”

Trump can take any positive political moment and turn it into a negative

The return of Pastor Brunson should have been an easy political win. This is a no-brainer moment for any president. Welcome home the detained American, accept their gratitude, and pose for a photo. The White House was so desperate for positive PR for Trump that they staged a media event at the White House, only to have Trump screw it up by admitting that all he cares about is earning political points for bringing Brunson home.

Trump will screw up anything that he touches. His selfish and uncaring nature will always come out. The White House tries to hide it. They try to limit Trump’s public appearances and chain him to scripts, but in the end, Trump can’t help himself, which is why the majority of the country are counting down the days until they can vote him out of office.

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