Democrats Launch Brilliant Ad Campaign To Get Minorities And Millennials To Flip The House

The Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee has unveiled a series that are designed to appeal to people outside of traditional politics. The ads feature people telling their life stories and are designed to get minorities and millennials out to vote.

The ads describe the stakes in this midterm election in compelling and non-traditional ways.

Cecilla is a single mom working two jobs who can’t afford healthcare:

Victoria is working two jobs and trying to go to school to become a nurse, but she is struggling with the high cost of education:

Gina is an English teacher who is going broke because she has to spend her own money on classroom supplies:

These ads all share a common theme

The ads never criticize Trump by name, but they point out that each of these people feels like the current administration and party controlling Congress doesn’t care about their struggles.

Republicans don’t understand why voters aren’t responding to the good economic numbers. The problem is that for too many Americans the Trump economy is a paper boom. In their real lives, people struggling to make enough money to survive, afford health care and are living paycheck to paycheck.

The ads are brilliant because they put a human face on these struggles and tell the story of what is really happening in working-class America. Minorities and millennials can hear the stories of people who share their problems in a compelling way that puts what is at stake in this election in personal terms.

These are special ads for a vital time in American politics.

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